new Delhi. Madhya Pradesh Polling is going on for the elections in two assembly areas, between the heavy security arrangements. In the first three and a half hours, 25 percent in Kolaras and 30 percent of voters in Mungawale had used their franchise till 11.30 pm. At the same time, there have been reports of controversy between Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party workers in some places. Kushali Singh Bhadauriya, who was in charge of the municipal police station, has been removed. According to information received from the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, polling for the elections of Mungawalei sub-district of Kolaras and Ashoknagar district of Shivpuri district started the polling from eight o’clock till 5 pm.

These are the vorter’s

Kolaras constituency –
– Two lakh 44 thousand 457 voters
– One lakh 30 thousand 697 men,
– One lakh 13 thousand 753 women
– Seven Third Gender Incorporated

Mutawali constituency –
– One lakh 91 thousand nine voters
– One lakh 2 thousand 75 men,
88 thousand 933 female
– A third gender voter.
– More than 3,000 polling personnel deployed for all 575 polling stations in both areas

Chief Electoral Officer Salina Singh has appealed to the voters of the Kolaras and the Mungawale region to vote boldly. Today there is a public holiday in both the constituencies. There are 22 candidates in the Kolaras by-election and 13 candidates in Mungawali. There are 10 male and three female candidates in all candidates male and Mungawale in Kolaras. 2,44,457 voters in the Kolaras constituency are using their franchise. These include 1,30,697 men, 1,13,753 women and seven third genders. 1,891 voters will vote in Mungawale. Out of them, 1,02075 men, 88,933 women and one third gender voter.

More Than Thousand Polling Staff Deployed

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Over 3,000 polling personnel have been deployed for 575 polling stations in Kolaras and Mungawale. Webcasting of 30-30 sensitive polling stations is being done in both the constituencies. There are 200 out of 311 out of 311 in Kolaras and 134 out of 264 voting centers in Mungawali. The VVPat machine has also been installed with EVM in the by-elections, so that the voters can see if the votes they have given are correct or not. For this, they will get seven seconds. There will be 835 in Kolaras and 400 EVMs in Mungawali. 440 in Kolaras and 360 VVPettes have been installed in Mungawali. Chalk-round arrangements have been made for security in Kolaras and Mungawale. Security arrangements have been made around all polling stations. 10 companies of central paramilitary force have been deployed in Kolaras. In addition to the three companies of Madhya Pradesh SAF, local police forces and home guards have also been deployed in the area. Eight of the Central Seminary Force and three SAF companies have been deployed in Mungawali. Local police forces and home guards have been arranged separately here.