new Delhi. The Sangh has introduced cleanliness when the political storm of the National Self-Service Sangh (RSS), Mohan Bhagwat’s statement that ‘the army is preparing the army in three days’. Sangh said that Bhagwat’s statement has been presented in a different way than the context. This statement of Bhagwat came at a time when Army Sujawan was training a lesson to the terrorists who attacked the camp in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rahul said – This is the insult of the country.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi Bhagwat condemned this statement. He wrote on Twitter that this statement of RSS chief has insulted every citizen of the country, because his statement insults those people who have given their life for the country. This statement has also insulted the national flag because the army personnel salute it. Bhagwat should be ashamed due to insulting the martyrs and the army of our country.

‘PM is bad enough’
Women Congress President and Saasand Sushmita Dev condemned this statement of Bhagwat. He wrote on twitter that when we were fighting British, your organization was hidden. Our soldiers are being martyred on the border and you are insulting them. There is a lot of badness in the PM.

Union will be ready before Army
Let us know that Sangh chief Bhagwat taught Maulana in discipline of MNS in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur on Sunday. During this, he said that RSS is not a military organization. But every volunteer of the Sangha is prepared if needed to protect the motherland. Because our discipline is the same as the army. At the same time, he said that it may take 6 to 7 months for the Army to prepare the youth. But our volunteers will be ready in two to three days.

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Sangh chief teaches volunteers lessons of discipline
Significantly, Army Chief Mohan Bhagwat has been on Migration from Muzaffarpur since 6th February, as well as meeting people from different sections of the society including social politics. Here the RSS chief has clarified that the Sangh is not a military organization by giving volunteers the discipline. Rather it is a social cultural and family organization. The organization is emphasized to build nation by building a person. He called for developing the spirit of serving the nation along with earning life in personal and social life. He also appealed to volunteers to adopt good rites.