new Delhi. The Himachal Pradesh assembly elections have been concluded. In both phases, 68 seats were held for 337 candidates. In this election, both the BJP and the Congress are claiming to form the government with a majority. But the wind stance will be clear only with the results coming on December 18. At present, look at Gujarat assembly elections Fastest results of exit polls in Gujarat Assembly elections this time is believed to be between the current CM Virbhadra Singh and BJP’s candidate for the CM post Prem Kumar Dhumal.

Agency Total seats BJP Congress other
Pinch 68 55 13 3
Seawater 68 41 25 02
Axis 68 41 25 02
2012 68 26 36 06

What does math say

Actually, Himachal Pradesh has only 68 Assembly seats. If you talk about the last assembly elections, out of 68 seats, 36 went to Congress, whereas BJP got only 26 seats. Apart from this, 6 seats were received from other parties and independents. According to the data, compared to 2007, the Congress had benefited 13 seats in the last assembly elections, whereas BJP had lost its face in 16 seats.


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