Ahmedabad : Gujarat’s economic city Surat has also saved BJP’s reputation this time too. State economic Tantra In the backbone of this city, the two big decisions of the Modi Government were the ban and the GST had the most effect.

Not only that, the big impact of the Patidar movement was also shown here. After this, Congress and Rahul Gandhi Even Surat had built its own power center. Patidar Leader Hearty patel Had also brought a rally of millions of people here. But the Congress failed to dent the Congress in this bastion.

In Surat’s 16 seats, BJP is ahead at 13 and Congress on 3 seats. Apart from this, BJP has retained its lead in 23 to 24 seats out of 35 seats in South Gujarat.

party Won Congress other
BJP 1 101 102
Congress 1 77 78
other 0 2 2



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