new Delhi. Gujarat elections In a day before the polling for the first phase, BJP issued its resolution letter. BJP leader and finance minister on Friday Arun Jaitley And Bhupendra Yadav released his resolution letter for the Gujarat elections. Let us know that in Gujarat Gujarat is going to vote for the first phase on Saturday. On this occasion, Arun Jaitley said that the Election Commission’s rules have been fully followed in the Vision Document, which is why the photograph of any leader of the party has not been used during this period.

The fastest growing Gujarat

Describing Gujarat as the fastest growing state, Finance Minister Jaitley said that according to the data, Gujarat has been leading the fast developing states for a long time. He credited this with the Bharatiya Janata Party saying that our work tells the figures. The Finance Minister said that according to the data released by a rating agency yesterday, Gujarat is the only state which has developed development of 10% in the last five years. He has also described the assurance of more than 50 percent reservation by the Congress as constitutionally impossible. Jaitley said that certain futures from Congress are financially impossible due to completion.

Rahul in Target

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In fact, on Thursday Rahul Gandhi Had questioned the BJP about not issuing the manifesto on behalf of the BJP. Rahul, while targeting the BJP through tweet, said that BJP has condemned the people of Gujarat. He had said that now Gujarat assembly elections Although the campaign has already stopped, its BJP has not yet released its manifesto.