Ahmedabad. Congress has released its first list of candidates for assembly elections in Gujarat. 71 candidates have names in this list of Congress. Earlier, two lists of candidates have been issued by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Which has once been given 70 tickets and 36 candidates. There has been an agreement on the formula for reservation on the Sunday evening between the Patidar Reservation Movement (PASS) and the Congress. Hearty patel On Monday, the official announcement on this will be done on Monday from Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s constituency. With this, all the leaves will be opened. Whether the nearby leaders will contest or not, it will also be clear. There is speculation that Congress-coalition alliance can increase the trouble for the BJP in the elections.

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Exit from the meeting held in the evening at the Alicbridge-based Oriental House in Ahmedabad, “close” leader Dinesh Bambhania said that the matter which was stuck in constitutional way, has been resolved. Quitting all the questions, including the alliance with the Congress, he said the same thing that on Monday, the movement chief Hardik Patel will explain all aspects and make a big announcement. On the demand for ‘pass’ tickets, Bandhania said that we have not asked for any tickets and today the constitutional formula for giving reservation is discussed. If someone wants to fight, he can contest elections separately. They just do not support any party.

On this same question, Alapsh Kathiriyah said that if anybody wants to fight for the sake of the society, he can fight. Making a decision on the issue of reservation, Hardik Patel will announce in Rajkot assembly However, the round-the-clock response of the nearby leaders has also indicated that in the supported supportive areas, tickets for between the Congress and the Congress may be brought down by any means or reciprocity.

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On the other hand, after the meeting, Congress leader Bharat Singh Solanki also described the meeting of ‘PASS’ leaders as positive. He said that there was a positive solution in the meeting about issues which were stuck in the meeting. Senior Congress leader Siddharth Patel said that there was no discussion regarding the ticket with the nearby leaders nor did the nearby leaders have asked for tickets from him. he said that Kapil Sibal There was no problem in giving reservation in constitutional way under the formula which was kept in front of ‘pass’, its solution was solved.

OBC, SCST quota is not tampered with
The nearby leader Banghania also made it clear that after churning on various streams in the meeting, the path has been drawn out that reservation of the Patidars will not cause any tampering in OBC or SCST etc.