Ahmedabad: Patidar Leader Hearty patel The politics of politics has got hot in the sex CDs of Gujarat. After the release of two sex CDs within 24 hours, four more hearty sex clips are being viral on the Internet. In this clip, Hardik is drinking alcohol with his friends and some girls.

Hearty friends are having fun
According to an English newspaper report, one video is very much discussed in these videos. In which he looks bald. It is being told that this video is of that time when Hardik had shaved his hair in mourning for the people who died in the Patni Reservation Oronal. But in the video he is having fun with friends. However, the authenticity of these video clips is still questionable.

The public wants to see no development of the CD
Hardik Patel described all these videos as fake. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is spending crores of rupees to spoil his image. On the night of November 14, Hardik tweeted that the people of Gujarat want to see a CD of development in 22 years, not 22 years old boys.

A CD leaked on Tuesday
On Tuesday, a private news channel also released a video. According to the channel, this video was given by a person named Ashwini. They say that this video is real or fake, they do not know. Nobody can tell except truthfulness of the video, Hardik Patel. It is being claimed that this video is from May 22, 2017.

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Sex CDs Viral On Monday
Before that on Monday, another sex CD of Hardik Patel on the social media was viral. In which he is sitting in the bedroom with a young woman. There is no official confirmation that a young man like Hardik is appearing in this video.

Hardik said the fake CD
After the video became viral, Hardik Patel said that this CD has been made to succeed the movement of Bhartiya Janta Party. The Bharatiya Janata Party had also made a CD of Sanjay Joshi, which proved to be fake.

Now the beginning of dirty politics
In this case, Hardik Patel has written on Twitter that now dirty politics has begun. Do not defame me, it will not make any difference, but women of Gujarat are being insulted.

Fundamental rights to sex
After Hardik Patel’s alleged sex video being viral, Gujarat’s Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani has come in his defense. Maywani tweeted, “Dear heartfelt, you do not worry, I am with you and sex is the fundamental right. Nobody has the right to interfere in your privacy.