new Delhi : If you too Aadhaar card If the plastic is laminated or you have the base card of the plastic, then you need to be alert. Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) on Tuesday cautioned the public that it did not fall in the plastic-laden or laminated base smart card because its unauthorized printing could stop the QR code from working. At the same time, UIDAI also said that personal information can be made public without the consent of the user.

M base fully valid
The Authority says that the base letter or its cut portion, the extracted version or the M base of the base on the general paper is completely valid. UIDAI says that unauthorized printing of the base smart card will cost the user Rs 50 to 300, which is totally unnecessary. The Authority has said in a statement, “Plastic or PVC base smart card can not be used as a normal QR code because the cord stops working during unauthorized printing.”

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Plastic smart card unnecessary
Also in this process, the user’s personal information can be made public without its approval. Udayi CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey said that the plastic smart card is completely unnecessary and waste of money. Downloading Aadhaar card or ‘M base’ published on the general paper is completely valid. It was also said in the statement issued on behalf of the Aadhaar agency that there is a possibility that your private information may be shared to the wrong elements without your approval.

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Pandey said, ‘There is no concept of smart or plastic base card.’ Not only this, he instructed the people that no non-authorized person should share the base number. UIDAI also warned the unauthorized agencies to collect the data of Aadhaar card, saying that it is a punishable offense to obtain the information of Aadhaar card or to make unauthorized printing of them. This can also be imprisoned under the law.

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