new Delhi. Jignesh Mawani, MLA from Vadgaam in Gujarat, described his life as a threat. The reason behind this is that there is a viral chat conversation with senior officials of Gujarat. Chat Group’s name is ADR Police and Media. In which senior officials and people of the media are being told.

In the chat mention the encounter
According to the media report, on Friday, a Whatsapp group, where many senior police officers and media workers are connected, a convergence of them is increasingly becoming viral. In one of the two videos of viral chat, some policemen are being beaten up by someone. In the other video, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath The UP rookies are seen talking about questions related to the encounter.

The brave leader is afraid of the encounter, said, the police can take it at the behest of the government.

Claims of involvement of officials in the group
It is being told that the Deputy SP of Ahmedabad Rural, on the said group, uploaded these two videos on Friday and warned in the caption that ‘those who make video of the police, and want to become the father of the police and call him lakhota , They should remember that the police behaves like that with them. settle accounts. Gujarat Police

Mwani says- Encounter
Speaking to the media, Jignesh said that this is a serious matter.
According to the report, after this message being viral, Jignesh Mewani has called it a serious matter and
Two senior police officers have feared that my life is in danger and can be an encounter. Jignesh has claimed that he is going to complain to the DGP, Home Minister and Home Secretary too.