New Delhi: During the monsoon, there is a fear of diseases like many skin related and cold and cold. It is important to take care of certain things for better health during monsoon. In view of the monsoon, experts have given some health tips.

* If you get wet in the rain, do not forget to eat, it will protect you from infection.

* Pollutants present in the rainwater can have a bad effect on your hair and your hair may get tangled and stiff. Hair loss can also be a problem. So, when wet in the rain, wash the hair with good shampoo and apply the conditioner. To keep the hair healthy, use the oil at least once a week.

* During the monsoon, make sure to scrub the body thoroughly.

* In this season when sweat comes out from your body, oil and mouth, chin and nose have oiliness and viscosity. So always keep tissue paper or bloating paper with you, so that you can remove oiliness and stickiness.

* During the monsoon, cleanliness of nails is given in the context of cleanliness, but their cleansing is extremely important because through them the dirt and harmful bacteria can enter the body. Always keep your hands and feet nails short and keep them clean.

* There is a fear of cold and cold in monsoon. Bacteria grow in rain water, so keep your hand sanitizer.

* Avoid walking in dirty water in the rainy season, so that your feet do not have fungal infections. Wash your feet after coming home and dry them thoroughly.

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* Always go to the salon where the care is taken to make the padicure, so that you do not have any kind of infection with the equipment used during the padicure, if you want, you can have anti-septic liquefied in lukewarm water at home. Put two or three drops and keep your feet in it for 10-15 minutes and then apply them moisturizing after thoroughly wiping them.

* To avoid the infection, sprinkle little talc powder on your footwear.