Dheeraj Kumar
new Delhi. Congress and Arvind kejriwal in between Mamata Banerjee Have begun to prepare for reconciliation. Actually, Mamata Banerjee Modi is pressurizing the Congress to strengthen opposition unity against the government. Congress and Kejriwal government are in front of Delhi’s politics. Therefore, on the say of the Delhi Pradesh Congress, the party high command is avoiding joining the party in the leadership of its leadership. But now it will be difficult for him to do this for a long time. Mamata Banerjee Has spoken to the Congress high command and soon you have demanded to be included in the opposition group.

Why I am not ready to sit with the CPI (M)
Sources say that Mamta Banji has told Congress leaders that for the sake of national interest the opposition parties will have to compromise on some issues. It is believed that Mamata has told Congress President Sonia Gandhi till I can sit with the CPI (M). SP and BSP are sharing the platform together. If the Congress forgets its own personal benefits Aam Aadmi Party Why not hand the hand at the national level.

Many more parties of the opposition with Mamta
Many parties are demanding Mamata’s demand to include you in the opposition front. Rashtriya Janata Dal and Samajwadi Party have also supported it.

President, Vice President put you away in the meeting about elections
Congress President Sonia Gandhi had invited 18 parties to convene the meeting to unite the opposition in the presidential and vice-presidential elections. but Aam Aadmi Party Were not called In spite of this, you supported the opposition candidate.

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A legislator who forgot you to remember RLD
In the meetings convened for the consolidation of the Opposition, Congress President Sonia Gandhi remembers a legislator, the National Lok Dal and the Kerala Congress, but forgets the government running in Delhi. You have 18 MLAs and four MPs in Punjab.

Delhi Pradesh Congress President Ajay Makan Against Kejriwal
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s close Ajay Makan Aam Aadmi Party Is against the inclusion of opposition in unity. It is believed that the party high command refuses to include Kejriwal in this group only after his say.