new Delhi: After the election results in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, 10 big things about PM Modi from BJP headquarters
Forget the Janata Jatavya movement of Gujarat – PM Modi said that Gujarat elections During the time, tried to spread racism to defeat the BJP. The Prime Minister said without naming the name, some people sowed the seeds of Jatibad. But development has won. He said that the people of Gujarat will have to be more aware than ever before. The PM said that it took 30 years for Gujarat to remove casteism. Gujarat’s development for the development of the country, PM Modi, praising Gujaratis, said that 6.5 crore Gujaratis are the only people.

After GST, win- PM said that after GST, it has won. This proves that the country is ready for reformation and transforms.

New India’s dream complete- PM Modi also gave assurances to fulfill New India’s dream.

Do not let the issue of development fail – According to PM Modi, we are determined to develop. Only and only development will be done in the country. Development has won in both the states. PM Modi said on the defeat of the Congress in the Himachal election that the people are excluded from the development in 5 years after not developing.

The mockery of development- In his address, the PM said that during the election campaign, the joke of development was flown. But BJP is continuously winning elections on the basis of development. Whether it is the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections or the elections of Maharashtra.

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The hunger of development in the country- PM Modi said that hunger for development in the country is awakening. Only in the country work Will happen. This win is the victory of development.

Double happiness to win in Gujarat without me- The PM said that without him the BJP has won in Gujarat. This is a topic of double happiness.

Unity brotherhood in the society – PM Modi said that everyone has embraced. He said that whatever happened then forget that now all Gujarati is one. There should not be a single brother in Gujarat.

Amit Shah And congratulations to the team- PM Modi congratulated Amit Shah and his team. PM Modi said that we bow to the people of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

Wins wins will win only development PM Modi put the slogan with the people present at the end of the address that the winner will win the winner and win the development. The PM also pledged to bring people from the people to new heights.