Special things

  1. PNB denied rumors
  2. Said – Virat Kohli will remain our brand ambassador
  3. Rumor was raised after the PNB scam

new Delhi: Team India captain Virat Kohli will remain the brand ambassador of the Punjab National Bank. This has been confirmed by PNB himself. Punjab National Bank (PNB) who faced fraud of Rs 11,300 crore in the hands of Neerav Modi, said that Virat Kohli would remain our brand ambassador. The bank clarified with a public notice, “It has been reported in the media that the brand ambassador of the bank, Virat Kohli, is going to end his contract with PNB, it is completely fake and untrue news.Virat Kohli is our brand ambassador. ”

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The notice has been clarified, “It is news of the media that the bank is in contact with the Price Water House Coopers (PwC) for alleged fraud in the investigation and PwC has been asked to collect evidence, which is used by Neerav Modi And his colleagues can be tried in court. This news is totally wrong. ”

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According to the notice, “This media report is also completely incorrect that the Reserve Bank of India and the government have asked PNB to deposit the amount of fraud in other banks.

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In the notice, the bank has said that the bank has the ability to handle the situation and to protect the interest of the institutions, customers and stakeholders.

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