new Delhi. Gujarat elections Congress President for the first time Rahul Gandhi Asked the question of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Friday, Rahul Gandhi targeted the government on the issue of Lokpal. They have asked why the government has not been able to appoint Lokpal as per the anti-corruption law.

Did the recent tweet to Modi’s tweet
Sharing the screen shot of a tweet from Narendra Modi’s official Twitter account, Rahul wrote that four years passed, Lokpal did not come, people asked a question, how long would they play ‘false tunes’?

Modi tweeted, PM Modi responds now
The tweet that Narendra Modi has shared with Rahul Gandhi is December 18, 2013. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time and in the Lok Sabha elections next year, BJP was also the Prime Ministerial candidate. In that tweet, Modi has given Lokpal Bill Sushma Swaraj And praised the role of Arun Jaitley. Rahul asked on the tweet how long the government is bringing the Lokpal. He pointed out that if the leaders of the democracy and the leaders of responsiveness are able to hear the demand for appointment of a Lokpal?

Government will revise Lokpal Bill
In the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill, 2013, the Government is going to present a proposal for amendment to the appointment of Lokpal chief and its members. There is no Leader of the Opposition in the recent Lok Sabha, therefore the government wants to amend that there is no Leader of the biggest Opposition party in the Lok Sabha in the Election Commission of Lokpal. According to the existing rules, the leader of the opposition can get the place in this committee only. To become leader of the opposition, that opposition party is required to win at least ten percent of the seats in the maximum seats.

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According to the Supreme Court, there is no constraint in Lokpal
The government is making excuses itself in the appointment of the Lokpal because in April 2017, the Supreme Court had said in a decision that according to the existing rules, the selection committee will remain valid without the leader of the opposition.

Social worker Anna Hazare Have taken over the government
Last month, Anna Hazare, a social activist, attacked the center on the amendment made in the Lokpal Law passed in 2013. According to this amendment made in 2016, spouses and children of government employees, ministers and MPs have been excluded from this law.