new Delhi. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor On Friday, the Narendra Modi government on Friday accused the Hindutva-based narrow views on promotions and urged the voters not to vote for the BJP. The assembly elections in Meghalaya are to be held on 27th February.

Facilities to Christians

He told the reporters that there is no such achievement of this government which can be felt. He is trying to change the nature of India, which is not possible. The India that we have built in 70 years, it is being dismantled. This country belongs to all types of people, all religions, castes and cultures. The NDA’s previous government could not even dare to spoil the atmosphere of this harmonious India. Tharoor said that the BJP comes to Meghalaya and speaks sweetly to the Christians and tells them that all the facilities are being given to the Christians in BJP-ruled states, they are not being given any trouble, but I am very sad It is said that what is being done to Christians in those states is very frightening.

Two faces of the government

Congress MP said that this government has two faces. Different faces for Meghalaya and separate for the rest of the states. In Meghalaya, they talk of extorting money on Christians by opening both hands and in order to celebrate 150th anniversary of Christianity in Garo Hills in Delhi, people are not being allowed to give visa to foreigners who want to come to India. Tharoor said that the people of BJP say here, you can eat whatever food you like, but in other states people are killed on the suspicion of eating beef.

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