new Delhi. In the wake of assembly elections in Karnataka, political stirring has increased. CM Siddaramaiah of Karnataka BJP President of BJP Amit Shah Speaking on the attack, he said that he should not forget that he has already eaten the prison’s air before. This tweet has been done in response to comments made by BJP President Amit Shah on Thursday.

Yeddyurappa has also gone to jail
Taking the allegations made by Shah, he said in a tweet that those people are accusing him of having eaten the prison’s own self. He also mentioned about the person who has chosen BS Yeddyurappa for the CM candidate, has also been jailed for corruption. He landed in jail in 2016 in charge of embezzlement in Dinautifai. While BJP National President Amit Shah went to jail in 2010 in the Shohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case and he is on bail.

What was said by Shah
A rally on Wednesday and then in his tweet, BJP President Amit Shah accused CM Siddaramaiah that his government has crossed all the boundaries of corruption. Siddharamaya and corruption in Karnataka have become synonymous to each other. He said that Karnataka has withdrawn from the development track. The Congress government has ruled the horror of the state in five years. People have encouraged stray corruption from the issue of development. If Karnataka is to be brought back on the path of development then it is necessary to oust the present government from power. By then, it is possible to develop everyone in the state.

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