Pune: The question of Union Minister Satyapal Singh’s plea for Darwin’s theory in Pune became a question of examining The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), in a single examination, asked the students the question that what is wrong in the arguments given by Union minister Satyapal Singh while criticizing Darwin’s theory? Concerned over the question, the institute’s Dean Sanjeev Galande said that its motive is to “test the logical thinking of the students”.

Galande said, “IISER insists on teaching professionally and questions are not based on summary. Students are expected to think and perform logical analysis and the question asked in the examination was straightforward, whose purpose was to test the logical thinking of the students.

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Former IPC officer had said, ‘Darwin’s theory is scientifically wrong (linked to human development). There is a need to make changes in the curriculum of schools and colleges. “The institute had questioned the graduation students in a test on February 22,” Recently, the Minister of State for Human Resource Development of India claimed that Darwin’s theory of biomedicalism was wrong. This is because no one, including our ancestors, has written in writing or verbally that they saw the langur being transformed into a human being. What is wrong with this argument? ‘

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