New Delhi: The benefits of homegrown treatment in Indian homes are now being accepted by doctors and experts from all over the world. Injury, sprain or fever turmeric It is given before the medicine in the home, because most mothers believe that turmeric is more beneficial in pain. A recent research on the benefits of turmeric has revealed that if a person takes turmeric instead of paracetamol and IBProphenation to get relief in pain, it can prove to be more beneficial.

No side effects of turmeric
The special thing is that drugs that take in pain can have side effects but there is no harm to the turmeric’s body. Research of a leading pharmaceutical company based in Milan has shown that the effect of turmeric painkillers in the injury or sprain during the game can prove to be as effective. Research has shown that turmeric can be helpful in recovering the injury.

Bone and muscle pain are also beneficial
Researchers believe that turmeric, bone and muscle pain are also beneficial. Researchers say that the product found in turmeric is beneficial for the bone produced by curcumin. Research shows that turmeric reduces cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Turmeric helps in the skin color.

Turmeric Habits Make You Healthy
In the winter season, raw turmeric enhances the flavor and health also. It is an antioxidant that protects against cancer and removes blood disorders. There are many other benefits too. Boil the raw turmeric in hot milk and drink it to get relief in diabetes, i.e. diabetes. Explain that antiseptic properties are found in turmeric. In such cases, if diabetics use turmeric in some form every day, their wounds are quickly filled.

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Turmeric is beneficial in asthma
For asthma sufferers, it is beneficial to eat one-fourth spoon turmeric in half a teaspoon honey. Adding a spoonful of turmeric in a glass of hot milk when inhaled, drinks relief in pain and swelling. Applying turmeric coating on injury also gives relief. When cold or coughing, add turmeric powder to milk or boil raw turmeric and it benefits. Take a small lump of turmeric in your mouth and do not cause cough again.

Many nutrients found in turmeric
Vitamin is also found in turmeric, besides an important chemical called curcumin, which is a source of urine, proteins, minerals, carbohydrate etc. Turmeric is helpful in reducing obesity. The curcumin present in the heart dissolves quickly in the body. It prevents the formation of fat tissues in the body. If the pain is of joints, then turmeric powder should be prepared by making paste. It is beneficial to drink turmeric in hot milk to get rid of sprain or pain of inner injury. If you have ulcers, then add turmeric powder in lukewarm water or rinse it or apply light on hot turmeric powder, so that the mouth ulcers are cured.