new Delhi: Even as a young leader, Rahul Gandhi is not successful in guiding himself. The 132-year-old party Congress has handed over the command of the second generation in 2013 even though it is not showing its impact on the ground. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi released a big statement recently on the breakdown of the alliance in Bihar. Rahul Gandhi said that he was aware of the collapse of the coalition three to four months earlier. But he knew everything and kept quiet. After all, the question arises that Rahul Gandhi knows everything and why he remained unaware. The question arises that in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, a great coalition is broken in Bihar. There is a crack in the party before the assembly elections in Gujarat.

Gujarat Congress is stampede

Party leader Shanker Singh Vaghela, including 6 MLA in 24 hours, leaves the party. Senior Congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh question Rahul’s leadership Yet Rahul Gandhi says that they know everything. It is very difficult to believe that even knowing everything you are not doing anything. Actually being the accountable and serious to run the organization is the first and last priority. But Rahul Gandhi seems to be the biggest lack of these things. Because when the Congress party is facing a crisis of crisis, Rahul has shown himself different from the party at that time. Or, say Rahul Gandhi, leaving the party in the middle of the middle floor and goes abroad for the holidays.

Rahul Gandhi went abroad even during GST protest

Prior to the passing of GST, the entire Congress party was engaged in encompassing the government and Rahul Gandhi went to Italy to meet her grandmother. Even during the note-making, senior Congress leaders were on the streets and Rahul Gandhi was traveling abroad. In the recently concluded assembly elections, the Congress was defeated in the elections, at that time Rahul Gandhi was roaming around without the party. Rahul Gandhi left for a two-week holiday suddenly before the budget session in 2015. To which the protest started within his party. Digvijay Singh And senior leaders like KV Thomas had raised questions about Rahul Gandhi’s frequent vacations.

Had torn down his own government ordinance

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As soon as Rahul Gandhi termed the Ordinance of the Daggers as bad, the snake sniffed the same cabinet ministers, who was standing with Manmohan Singh till 48 hours ago. And all of them came together in favor of Rahul Gandhi leaving Manmohan one by one. Manish Tewari, Rajiv Shukla, Oscar Fernandes, Shashi Tharoor did not delay in changing the statement and the three cabinet ministers who came to the President for 24 hours explaining why the Ordinance was necessary, they would play a game of hide and seek from the media. . Rahul Gandhi’s move was ridiculed by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

In 2013 the party was made vice president

When Rahul Gandhi was made the vice-president of the party in 2013, it was believed that he can take command of the party in his own hands. Four years have passed and the secret still remains. Due to this situation of uncertainty, most senior leaders are more worried about their future than the party. Regardless, Sonia Gandhi has given the party’s command to the son completely, but there are occasions when there is a need to lead and Yuvraj looks after the battle and travels across the seven oceans.

Rahul Gandhi will be serious

From time to time, the ruling party also keeps on pinching Rahul Gandhi. At present, there is tremendous pressure on the mother and son to move the organization in the right direction. And the challenge of taking the Congress party back to the public again is a big challenge. But will Rahul Gandhi be successful in reducing the pressure and challenge in future? This is one of the first in itself.