Bhabhi ji is at home, in the TV show, Romantics with Vaibhuti Narayan’s Gori Mama compels the audience to taunt the audience. Vibhuti ji got an opportunity to dance with Anita Bhabhi alias Saumya Tandon. The duo is seen slipping on Raveena-Govinda’s fame songs ‘Akhiko shot shot’. Saumya shared the video of this dance sequence shooting on Insta.

‘Bhabhi ji is at home’, this actress got new show, new incarnation entry

Actor Rohitash Gaur and Soumya Tandon can be seen doing fun performance by singing ‘Akheyon Ke Pill Mare’ on Bhabi ji at home. She is looking great in this video shared by Saumya Tandon. And this time, Vibhuti ji is also gavinda styling in new and young look.

Our craziness Govinda and Raveena apologize to even try this song.

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Anita Bhabhi has opened the secret, she does not like her, she likes …

Getting ready for Raveena Govinda dance performance on stage. Wacky, crazy, funny Pls ignore Happy to be wacky, Day 55, # 100HappyDaysWithSaumya

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Soumya Tandon has sought apology from actress Raveena Tandon and Govinda for performing the song. However, if these performance of Gauri Mem and Vibhuti see Ravina and Govinda they will surely be amazed. Both of them have seen Raveena and Govinda’s comic romances being refreshed in the best possible fashion. Even fans are commenting on this video that they performed better than these dance raveena and Govinda.

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