Defense Minister Subhash Bhamre said on Thursday that the situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China is sensitive and the situation here is likely to become more serious. They also feared that the possibility of the spread of Mahavinash’s weapon (WMD) due to instability in India’s neighborhood has increased, which can also be taken by the people (non-state actors) who belong to any country. There is no point. In the annual conference of the Army here, Bhamre said, “Today we are facing many security challenges with our difficult neighborhood. Things are sensitive on LAC (with China). Incidents of patrol, encroachment and military standoff can increase. ”

He said that to maintain the LAC’s purity, we have to take all necessary steps. Later, in conversation with reporters, Bhamre said, “There are many things happening on the LAC. You can not know about which of these issues can be serious. “Earlier in the seminar, he said that apart from traditional threats, there is unconventional danger of ambush in the cyber sector. Apart from this, the spread of religious conservatism through social media is a matter of concern. Pakistan Islamic State (IS) is acting as a carrier in spreading ideology towards the East.

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On the other hand, the India Global Center for Chinese Studies (IGCCS), organized for the study of better relations of India and China, organized a special panel discussion, wherein experts understand China more deeply at the level of government, society and business. Insisted. Praful Ketkar, editor of the publication ‘Organizer’ associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Prasun Keetkar, director of IGCCS, said in a panel discussion held at India’s International Center of Delhi, “We want to understand India as three big and different, like government, society and business. At different levels, China needs to understand more deeply. ”

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