A Chinese expert said that the entire war with India is something that China would want to see in the end. He has said that like China-Russia relations China wants to see its relationship with India as a “strategic height.” The strategist of China’s leading think tank, however, cautioned that Beijing would firmly guard its frontier if needed. Yuan Peng, deputy chairman of the Chinese Synchronous International Studies Institute, said that once issue like Dolem would be dealt with in a rigorous manner. Yuan said that Beijing will not compromise with its sovereignty, regional integrity and key interests. They said, “The last resort we see is a complete war. Both sides should understand that we do not want war and we want to bring the Indo-China relationship to a strategic height like China-Russia relations. ”

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Yuan said, “These issues should be handled in a good way instead of putting bilateral relations in difficulty. We need more detailed process and negotiation. “He said,” This relationship is as important as the relationship of big countries like China and Russia. Both countries are a country that constantly grows in BRICS. We want to see the two countries grow like brothers. “Yuan talked about this while talking to journalists on Chinese foreign policy.

Yuan said, “When it comes to sovereignty, territorial integrity and main interests, we always have a strong attitude, because there is no way to deal with these issues.” Asked whether China’s dilemma dispute Others will give strong reaction to the dispute, they said, “It will depend on how the crisis is, it will depend on the situation.”

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